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Jeon Sik (1563 ~ 1642)

Jeon Sik's adult name was Jeong-won, the pen name was Sa-seo and the birthplace of his first ancestor is Okcheon.

He was born in Okcheon as a great-grandchild of Jeon Paeng-ryeon's brother and a son of Yeo-rim. He studied under Yu Seong-ryong and Jang Hyeon-gwang. In 1589 (Seonjo 22), he passed the primary state examination. When Japanese army invaded Korea in 1592 (Seonjo 25), he raised an army in the cause of justice and his army distinguished itself in the battle. He became the director of transportation in Yeonwol-do on the recommendation of Gim Ik-nam.

In 1603 (Seonjo 36), he passed the civil service examination.

However, after seeing misrule by the king Gwanghae-gun, he resigned from his position and returned home. He lived free from worldly cares and traveled noted mountains and rivers with Jeong Gyeong-se and I Jun. People called them 'the three old'. After the king Gwanghae-gun was unthroned by means of force, Jeon Sik became a government official in the Advisory Committee. He served as a high-ranking official in the Department of Rites, Protocol, Culture and Education and a chronicler in the History Recording Center. He also administered historical documents and gave a lecture on Confucian ideas and doctrines for the king.

In 1624 (Injo 2), when I Gwal raised a rebellion against the king, Jeon Sik personally guided the king to Cheonan. As an inspection commissioner, Jeon Sik rebuked a general Jang Man for careless military operations and returned home. After that, he was appointed the Supreme Advisor in the Advisory Committee and an Assistant Director of the National Library. But, he voluntarily resigned for reasons for health.

In 1636 (Injo 14), when the Qing(China) invaded Korea, he and his loyal army fought again. In 1642 (Injo 20), he was appointed several high-ranking positions such as the Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection however, he never accepted any government position. After he died, he was appointed the honorary Deputy Prime Minister and received the posthumous name 'a loyal remonstrance'. Memorial ceremonies for Jeon Sik are held in the Mokdam shrine in Okcheon and the Baekdong memorial hall in Sangjung.