Baekjung Ssireum Competition

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Baekjung Ssireum Competition

Taking place on July 15th on the lunar calendar, Baekjung was, up until the 70s, one of the grandest holidays of the year, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Seollal and Chuseok. The heat wave becomes far too unbearable at Baekjung, so during the Baekjung festivities, people would take a reprieve from their farming to rest and engage in various forms of entertainment, leading to the creation of the Baekjung Ssireum (traditional Korean wrestling) Competition. In an effort to succeed the folk Ssireum and traditional culture of days gone by, Cheongsan-myeon has held the Baekjung Ssireum Competition annually since 1997. This year’s competition has even more in store for visitors, as it will be held alongside a food market featuring regional delicacies such as fish noodles, doribaengbaeng (deep-fried minnows with a spicy glaze), olgaengi gukbap (marsh snail and rice soup), and deep-fried loach.

  • Main Events : Ssireum Competition (Group and Individual), Food Market, Viewing Stone and Potted Plant Exhibition, County Citizen Singing Contest, Farmer’s Market with Agricultural Produce, Hands-on Activity and Promotional Booths, etc.