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  • Early year of Silla

    Named 'Gosisan-gun'

  • King Gyeongdeok

    Renamed as'Gwanseong-gun'

  • Goryeo King Hyeonjong

    Included in Seong-ju, Kyeongsan-bu

  • King injong


  • king Myeongjong's rule

    In the 12th year, Hyeon was temporarily abolished.

  • King Chungseon

    In the fifth year, Okcheon-gun was named Okju and the provincial governor was assigned.

  • Joseon King Taejong

    In the 13th year,three hyeons such as Isan, An-eup, and Angsan wewe arinexed to be named Okcheon.

  • King sunjong

    In the 4th year of Yunghui(1910), Angsan-hyeon was transferred to Yongdeung-gun, and Cheongsan-hyeon was abolished to be transferred to Okcheon.

  • 1949

    Okcheon-myun was elevated in status top eup, and has reached today as Okcheon configured with 1eup 8myun.

History of Okchoen and present

Originally called 'Gosisan-gun', its name was changed to Kwansung in King Gyungduk's period of Silla. Then, in Goryeo's 8th King, Hyungjong's period, it was included in Kyeongsan-bu. During the 16th King Injong's period, the name, Hyeonryeong was assigned. in 1183, 18th King Myeongjong temporarily abolished Hyeon because of an incident in which Hyeonryeong Hongun was captured and imprisoned by county officials and people.

Then, in 1313, 25th King Chungseon, raised its provincial status to Jiokjusa and gave authority to manage three Hyeons of Isan, Aneup, Yangsan, which were originally part of Kyeongsan-bu. In 1413, Joseon empire's 3rd King Taejong named it as Okcheon and transferred its provincial jurisdiction from Kyeongsang-do to Chungcheong-do.

In 1895, 26th King Gojong's national administrative adjustment took place and it was named Okcheon-gun to manage 12 myeon: Gunnae, Gunnam, Gunsuh1so, Gunsuh2so, Gunbuk1so, Gunbuk2so, Inae, Inam1so, Annae, and Annam. In March 9th of 1914, Cheongsan-gun's 5 myeon and 69 li: 20 southern dongli, 13 Gunnae dongli, 6 eastern dongli, 15 western dongli, and 15 northern dongli, and some part of Youngdong-gun's Buk1-myeon, Buk2-myeon, Samseung-myeon of Boeun-gun, Younghan-myeon, southern Hoein-gun, and Jinsan-gun were merged to become 11 myeon and 125 li: Inae, Inam, Annae, Annam, Naemyeon, Dongi, Gunsuh, Cheongnam, Cheongsuh, and Cheonsan.

In 1917, Naenam-myeon was changed to Okcheon-myeon and in April 1, 1929, a reorganization of regional administrative area merged Inam-myeon and Isuh-myeon to become Iwon-myeon, and merged Cheongnam-myeon and Cheongsuh-myeon to Cheongsung-myeon. In August 13th of 1949, under section 156 of the law, Subuk-li of Dongi-myeon and Sujung Okgak-li of Gunsuh-myeon were annexed to Okcheon-myun while Okcheon-myeon being elevated in status to Okcheon-eup.

In July 1 of 1973, Woosan-li of Iwon-myeon was annexed to Dongi-myeon, Janggye-li of Annam-myeon to Annae-myeon and Makji-li and Yongho-li of Annae-myeon to Gunbuk-myeon.