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County flag

Background-white color

indicate the fertile natural features composed of the blue color of the sky and clear water.


  • Red (upper part: sun)
  • Green (middle part: mountain)
  • Blue (lower part: water)

Logo(letter): Black

Color reference

  • Okcheon red DIC 2496 (M100. Y100)
  • Okcheon green DIC 2561(C 100. Y100)
  • Okcheon blue DIC 2597(C 100. M 70)
  • 옥천군 군기 이미지
  • 옥천군 군기 이미지

Symbol of County Flag


The symbol mark represents ‘ the environmental-friendly village’, ‘the images of cultured gun citizens who are moving forward vigorously’, by the sun, mountains and fields, and clear water’s being positioned within it. The white background of the county flag means the purity of Okcheon-gun citizens and infinite possibilities of spreading to the world.

Descriptions of County Flag

  • The red sun of the upper part corresponds to the first consonant, ‘ㅇ’, of the letter, ‘옥’, and means the high spirit of the gun citizens and the bright and hopeful future, by representing the sun that holds permanent life forces.
  • The green of the middle part corresponds to the middle vowel, ‘ㅗ’, of the letter, ‘옥’, meaning the beautiful mountains and richness of fertile rice fields.
  • The blue of the lower part corresponds to the final consonant, ‘ㄱ’, of the letter, ‘옥’, and the letter, ‘천(stream)’, of ‘옥천’, meaning the milk lines running through our area, such as the Seohwacheon stream, Bocheongcheon stream, and Geumgang (River).