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  • 옥천군 캐릭터 송글이
  • 옥천군 캐릭터 송알이

These mascots of Okcheon are the personified bunches of grapes standing for Okcheon-gun that will start the new millennium together.
The mascots promote the delivery of the message such as various promoting activities and details of investment projects of Okcheon-gun. Also, these mascots, as their auxiliary roles, can grant the warm images of the civil service administration and service-oriented administration.

  • Left : Songgeuli
  • Right : Songali


Okcheon’s representative agricultural special product was used as a material for personifying the affuluently-fruited bunch of grapes, and the personified grape was named ‘Songgeuli’. As a mascot, a couple of male and female grapes that share their lives as companions, were developed by being influenced by the extension of female authority. The female mascot has a form that recommends the special products of our gun, and the beauty of the flower of our gun has been added on her head. The female mascot has been named, ‘Songali’.

Applied Types

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    Flying Kites

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    Traditional Farm Music

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    Miss Grape

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