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Symbol Mark

The symbol mark is an important element of the project for activating the Okcheon-gun’s image. The symbol mark represents ‘the environmental-friendly village’, ‘the images of cultured gun citizens who are moving forward vigorously’, by the sun, mountains and fields, and clear water’s being positioned within it.

Partial Descriptions

  • This is the first consonant, ‘ㅇ', of the letter, ‘옥', and represents the high spirit of the bright and hopeful future of gun citizens by siginifying the sun, which holds the permanent life forces.
  • This is the middle vowel, ‘ㅗ', of the letter, ‘옥', and represents the beautiful mountains and richness of fertile ripe fields.
  • These are the final consonant, ‘ㄱ', of the letter, ‘옥', and the letter, ‘천(stream)', of ‘옥천', and represent the milk lines running through our area, such as the Seohwacheon stream, Bocheongcheon stream, and Geumgang river.

Color(Background: White)

  • Okcheon red: DIC2496
  • Okcheon green: DIC 2561
  • Okcheon blue: DIC 2567
  • County Bird


    Symbolize the gun citizens who are peaceful, docile, clean and in harmony.

  • County Tree

    Gingko Tree

    Symbolize the beautiful and affluent Okcheon-gun.

  • County Flower


    Symbolize the diligence and simplicity of gun citizens.