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Brand Slogan : “Your Okcheon"

The slogan, "Your Okcheon", expresses a wish of the citizens of Okcheongun and all visiting people and businesses to coexist in harmony. It shows a commitment to a lifetime partnership and a promise to serve as each others' supporter for the future. It also shows Okcheon citizens' strong sense of pride in the region.

The word, 'YOUR' is written in cursive to express friendliness of Okcheon-gun and a letter 'Y' was decorated with leaves to represent clean, fresh and eco-friendly features of the region. Also, 4 colors represent Okcheon-gun's purity(blue), cleanness(green), happiness(orange), and passion(red).

your 옥천
your 가로:옥천 최소 사용규정 10mm

Gun Co-Branding : "Geumgangbogo“

Okcheon-gun's co-brand Geumgangbogo was named after the most representative river of the region, Geumgang to express familiarity. Bogo means a treasure house and it symbolizes the rarity and high quality of the region's finest agricultural products.

In design, an emblem was made to symbolize Okcheon-gun's clean landscape. With a mixture of green and blue, the emblem expresses cleanness, freshness and eco-friendly imagery and shows stability and confidence of the community. Also the lower part of the emblem shows strong brushwork to express historical legitimacy of Okcheon-gun's co-branding.

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