Chamot Festival

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Chamot Festival

The <Okcheon Chamot Festival> is held at Okcheon’s Sanggye Sports Park to promote the excellence of Okcheon’s chamot (lacquer tree bark) and revitalize it as an exclusion zone for the lacquer tree industry. During the festival, visitors can purchase lacquer tree sprouts for KRW 17,000, shaving KRW 1,000 off the market price, and participate in auctions for processed foods made using lacquer trees. Furthermore, vendors will also take orders from those who have purchased lacquer trees and prepare seasoned vegetables, fried foods, and more for a small fee. The festival also plans to present and sell a wide range of processed products made using lacquer trees at affordable prices. This event has become the pillar of lacquer tree cultivating farms, and is held every year to secure a connection with the lacquer tree industry and provide stable income sources for lacquer tree bark cultivating farms. Meanwhile, since Okcheon-gun was designated as an exclusion zone for laquer trees in 2005, 145 farms in the region have been cultivating 415,000 lacquer trees on 148ha of land.

  • Main Events : Lacquer Tree Food Competition, Lacquer Tree Craft Exhibition, Local Resident Talent Show, Processed Lacquer Tree Product Exhibition and Sales, Lacquer Tree Sprout Sales and Auctions, Lacquer Tree Sampling, etc.