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Poet Jeong Jiyong's Birthplace and Literature Gallery

Jeong Ji-yong Birthplace

In Okcheon-gun, a great poet of Korean modern poetry, Jeong Jiyong's birthplace is located. This beautiful Chogajip (thatched-roof house) is surrounded by a stone wall and sarimoon (a blinding made of bundles of tree branches) and crocks sit next to a well. Outside the stone wall, a monument inscribed with the poet's poem stands and a small stream, which was mentioned in the poet's work, 'Hyangsoo' (nostalgia), flows just outside the house.

To the back of the house, Jeong Jiyong Literature Gallery stands as a place to pay tribute to the poet and to experience the poet's life and literary spirit. The museum has a literature exhibition hall, a literature experience center, a video room, and literature class. Also visitors can enjoy various programs such as "Poem felt with your hands” in which you hold out your hands, and then on your hands a poem is screened for you to recite the poem, “Poetry with Video” where you can appreciate the poems recited by voice actors with background music and picture enhancing your understanding of poetry, “Nostalgia with Video” in which you can feel the famous poem in the form of a music video, and “Self Poem Recital Room". Also, a documentary about the poet's literary life and humane spirit is shown.